Recipes for home made pizza

Here's are the recipes I've tried myself for baking pizza at home.

I started my first pizza making with ready made pizza bases before moving onto making my own dough and tomato base sauces.

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Tomato Base Recipe

When I first starting making pizza I used a tomato puree, peri peri and garlic ketchup mixture for the base, this was pretty quick and simple to mix up and is ideal if you're in a hurry.

A better sauce for your base is made from 1 tin of chopped of tomatos and whatever extras you'd like to add, here's how it's made.

My Pizza Dough Recipes

Kids Pizza Recipes

These are my first pizzas I made, I started out with the basics, such as ready made bases with tomato puree sauce. Quick and simple.

Ready made bases aren't ideal but can be great for when the kids want to make their own pizzas.

I'm always looking for new recipe ideas please don't hesitate to email me.

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