Chorizo Devil Pizza

chorizo devilChorizo is a Spanish style spicy smoked pork sausage flavoured with paprika and garlic. This recipe gets it's name from the chorizo and devil from the fresh red chilli I've added.

Ingredients: Base

For the dough I followed my standard pizza dough recipe using bread flour, dried yeast and olive oil.

Tomato base is made from theĀ basic recipe for pizza sauce base here.

I added optional pesto to the base to give it some added basil flavour.


Add chopped or sliced chorizo or salami to the pizza with optional finely fresh red chilli [be careful when handling fresh chilli wash your hands straight after].

Finally sprinkle with a grated cheese of your choice, ie mozzarella, mild cheddar or something similar.

Bake for around 10mins at 220'C or gas mark 7 until cheese melts.


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