Margherita Pizza Recipe

Ingredients: Base

For the dough I followed my standard pizza dough recipe using bread flour, dried yeast and olive oil.

Tomato base is made from the basic recipe for pizza sauce base here.

I added optional garlic and chilli to the base to give it some flavour

margherita pizza, cheese and tomato topping

Margherita: Cheese and Tomato

Margherita pizza is one of the nations all time pizza favourite.

One you have the base and tomato mix made all you have to do is sprinkle on the cheese of your choice.

Bake in the oven at 220'C of gas mark 7 for around 10 minutes.

Serving Suggestion

Why not try some delicious homemade ice cream with your pizza?

You can make your own fantastic ice cream at home, here's how to make delicious homemade ice cream.

Give it a try today.

how to make your own homemade ice cream

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