Mexican Chicken Pizza

My recipe for mexican chicken includes tender strips of chicken cooked a mexican fajita seasoning mix, then added to the pizza along with green peppers and optional jalapenos.

Ingredients: Base

For the dough I followed my standard pizza dough recipe using bread flour, dried yeast and olive oil.

Tomato base is made from theĀ basic recipe for pizza sauce base here.

chorizo devilTopping

Start with frying your chicken strips in a pan to seal them, then sprinkle on a mexican style powdered mix. You can get small packets in the supermarket aimed at chicken fajitas.

Turn the heat low and allow the chicken to cook through, be careful not to over-cook and allow the chicken to dry out.

Next add to the pizza with some green peppers and optional jalapeno's.

Sprinkle with cheese.

Bake for around 10mins at 220'C or gas mark 7 until cheese melts.

Serving Suggestion

Serve this delicious pizza with a soured cream and chive dip along with your favourite tortilla crisps.

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