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Bolognese Pizza

Bolognese Ingredients

It's time to try a Bolognese. I'm keeping it simple for my first time. Here's the ingredients

  • handful of mince (not shown (it was defrosting in the micro))
  • mushrooms, finely chopped
  • red onion, finely chopped
  • green pepper finely chopped

Into the frying pan

Fry the onions till soft, add the mince and brown it off before adding the rest, mushrooms and peppers.

I've also added a tin of chopped tomatoes (drain them well) and some tomato puree.

You'll need to fry this till it's cooked through but try to keep it dry, otherwise your pizza base will go all soggy.

Add all your lovely Bolognese and top with Cheese

Here's the best bit, adding the toppings. I've used the normal mix for the tomato sauce ie, tomatoe puree, peri peri sauce and garlic ketchup but only in small amounts.

I let the bolognese mix cool a little before spooning it out and finally topping it off with grated mozzy cheese. yummy

Whack it in the Oven

Pop it in the oven (gas mark 7, or 220) until done. (pre heat the oven), I must say it looks good enoug to eat :)


Add some jalapenos or chillis to spicen it up. Some people add an oxo cube to their bolognese. Use some of the garlic and chilli sauces as a dip for the pizza.

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