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Double Tasty

Simple Dough Recipe

I've the self raising flour base for this pizza [read the recipe here]

I've also added some mixed herbs to the dough for a bit of taste.

Chilli Base Ingredients

Here's what I've made the tomato base out of, some peri peri sauce, tomato puree and I added some lazy garlic (chopped garlic from a jar)

The Fun Bit

Here's why it's double tasty, to save an argument with my 12yr old step daughter about which toppings to use I've halved the pizza.

She's added chicken, red onion, peppers and cheese to her side. I've just used red onion and cheese.

Cook and Enjoy

Cook your delicious pizza creation at 220'c until it's done.

Allow it cool a little before serving, the cheese gets hot and burns your mouth if you bite into it too soon. You have been warned!

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